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What is Solar Power and how do solar panels work?

28 Mar, 2022 Solar

Solar Power is a form of renewable energy, as the sun continuously replenishes sunlight, it is a constant source.

Those who truly realise just how much we are affecting our planet, are grasping at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and global impacts. Solar Power is a great way to protect our planet, and your pocket.

As a solar system owner, you have more energy independence from the Grid, you’re paying less money towards your electricity bills, and you can rely on your own system to supply you with what you need.


So how do solar panels work?

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels harness energy from the sun to generate electricity, the cleanest way.

Solar panels do this by capturing the energy produced by the sun, in this case it is the heat, through solar thermal and passive solar technologies (solar hot water systems), or turned into electricity through photovoltaic technology (The panels installed)

Solar panels are usually placed on the roof or shed, laid out in precise locations that are most accessible to the sun, with very little to no shadow interruptions (whirly birds, trees, chimneys etc) to optimise energy intake.

With our highly educated and experienced teams, combined with incredible software, and in some cases a free site visit, we are able to design an effective entire solar panel layout on your roof in minutes.


How do solar panels save money?

If you have your own solar system, you will be producing your own electricity to use in your home for free.

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All day time electrical activities will be powered through the panels on your roof, whether it be the washing machine, computer, electric stove top, chargers, TVs, lights, anything that is plugged in and is ON. You are essentially then only paying for the electricity you use when the sun has gone down, and in most households. This is the few hours of a night after work, before bed. This dramatically reduces the amount of electricity you use from the grid, resulting in cheaper bills.

If you are looking to completely eliminate your solar bills in total, you would need to look at getting a battery installed, or atleast look at getting a battery ready inverter, so that you have the option to get a battery down the track if you wish.

Batteries act as exactly that, a battery backup. With amazing technologies in place for maximised benefits, the solar battery allows you to store the unused free electricity you have harnessed from the sun, in times where the sun is nowhere to be seen. For example overnight, overcast days etc. Another key time where a battery is useful, is in times of electricity black outs in your area. If you have your own battery, you can activate this to continue having power during the time of the black out.

Batteries are a more expensive, once-off payment product, that will allow you to run and control your entire home’s electrical needs and permissions from an app on your phone.

If you would like more information regarding a solar system, a battery ready solar inverter, or battery & solar system, please send through your query below and our team will get back to you shortly.

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Liam OgilvieLiam Ogilvie
03:08 07 Mar 22
Had my 6.6kw system installed a couple months ago, installers did a great job, provided efficient and quality service with a big focus on the safety of their workers. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to get solar panels installed on their property.
Tom WarrenTom Warren
22:22 06 Mar 22
Couldnt be happier with my install! Knowledgeable and friendly electricians and Apprentices. Will definitely be getting them back to install batteries in the future.
Chantelle RowlandChantelle Rowland
10:11 03 Mar 22
Second company we had to deal with after we were let down by our original one. I was absolutely blown away by the service we received!We are so grateful for what you were able to provide with such short notice!Would definitely recommend.
Dylan IlievskiDylan Ilievski
04:30 03 Mar 22
Very pleased with the works.Great pricing and super professional.Would definitely use Westwire again and recommend to anyone looking for Solar installations.
Azz VergaAzz Verga
04:20 03 Mar 22
Very happy with the services they provided throughout the installation process of the solar panels at my Mickleham home. Very helpful from quote to finish would 100% recommend!

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