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Experience the difference solar panels can produce not only on your electricity bill, but also on the way you live. Sunlight is a renewable energy source, meaning we will never run out of it. Coal and gas are fossil fuels and will eventually run out. And in our sunny state there’s plenty of sunshine all year round. Our team has earned our position among the Best solar installers in Epping and that is thanks to our experts who are not only dedicated people constantly working to improve our services, but also friendly professionals open to communicate with the clients and understand their needs. When you choose West wire Solar, you are choosing high-quality and equitable pricing!


Westwire Solar is now offering the services of qualified solar installers in Epping, we are a third-generation business with more than 10 years of experience in the field and we are proud of being the most suitable option for businesses and residential complexes in our area. Genuine, reliable and easygoing solar companies in Victoria are hard to come by – however with us, you have hit the jackpot!

Professionalism, dedication and excellence are the key stepping stones we utilise here at Westwire Solar to ensure that our solar power system installations in Victoria are second to none. When you hear the phrase “Best solar installers Epping”, quit seeking subpar qualified professionals who are regular solar installers, here at Westwire Electrics you will find state of the art equipment being handled by accredited specialists who have done this a thousand times.

Here at Westwire Solar we have a plethora of knowledge and experience in solar panels and installations, as well as maintenance tips and are proud to administer them at leading and equitable pricing. Contact us today for more insight on our services and especially our solar installations for homes in Epping!

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